yoυ're ɴOT α мoɴѕTer.

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someone should make a blog for jake from state farm

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Anonymous said: One of these days you'll lose everything you care for, Scott. You're not fit to be an alpha, and at this rate, all you'll be good for is to get your loved ones killed.

            ❝                  Wanna give me a
            chance to prove you wrong?❞

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Try to make my muse cry. Nothing is off limits!

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                                 ❝                don’t.

       a sigh that deflates his chest as his
       mouth forms the word, trying to build
       up the stamina to  F I G H T .

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74 drafts i have not even t o u c h e d
*story of my life plays in the background*




Scott, seriously? Your humble 
    attitude is kind of sickening. 
    No, it is. I am sickened..

     ❝dude, i’m serious. the whole true alpha
     thing was kind of luck. if they’re bankin’ on
     luck, that’s definitely not gonna end well.❞

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      ❝It just doesn’t make sense to me.
      I mean, I really haven’t even done anything.
      Think about it; I’m not worth a gillion
      benefactor dollars.❞

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I…am so insanely jealous right now. (X)

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what’s up with the extra werewolf teeth did i miss something


You were my Beta first, Scott.
It was my bite that changed your life, and my bite that can end it.

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potentite replied to your post “makes me sad that i had to vote for dylan as a villain ahaha dylan the…”

he did make an a+ villain tho.

not gonna lie sometimes i wish he was still the villain because hella